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Enviro-Grow is a green, social enterprise committed to creating innovative eco-friendly products, packaging and promotional concepts that make a tangible, sustainable difference to our planet and our future.

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MOST takeaway cups are non-recyclable because of a petroleum plastic lining that takes many lifetimes to breakdown.

Grow Cup of Life….the eco choice.

The Grow Cup of Life is a recyclable, biodegradable, compostable cup with a thermal bioplastic lining (PLA) made from plant (corn starch) materials.

Our eco-friendly takeaway cup easily converts into a green growing pot plant with a superfood Enviro Grow Kit.

Don’t throw it…. Grow it!

For a small investment, you can purchase an Enviro-Grow Kit with your takeaway order. Each kit contains a soil pellet that expands with water, seed strip and growing instructions.

Simply takeaway, rinse cup, add soil, water and plant the seed. Place it on your windowsill for some sunlight and watch your superfood grow!

Take it back to work, keep it at home or donate it to your child’s school garden to grow greener communities and take action toward a cleaner environment.

BYO SIPnGO Reusable Cups

Find out more about the new SIPnGO Reusable cup from Enviro-Grow

The eco choice  for your café

Our biodegradable and compostable takeaway Grow Cup is the sustainable alternative to reduce the enormous cup waste in our landfills.

When consumers purchase an Enviro Grow Kit with their coffee, they can grow a superfood in their cup, creating greener and eco-conscious communities.

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Your business can make a difference!

Partner with us and become an eco-friendly cafe in your area to join our movement towards cup-free landfills.

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