Article: The Guardian – 9 May 2017 | Environmental Sustainbility

Coffee order: would you like environmental sustainability with that?

Our daily brew is creating an environmental disaster, but social enterprises are coming up with new ideas for cups, pods and coffee grinds

Melbourne-based social entrepreneur Soula Thuring has taken the direct approach, selling biodegradable coffee cups with an additional Enviro Grow kit which turns the used cup into a superfood growing plant .

Thuring says she came up with the idea for her kits when she learned that one billion takeaway cups in Australia end up in our landfills per year.

“It’s about raising awareness … about the impact of any waste going to our landfills.’’

Thuring would like to see more long-term solutions , such as on-site automated aerobic composting machines that recycle organic waste with biodegradable cups into compost.


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