Eco choice disposable cups launched in movement for cup-free landfills

Australian cafés now have an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to non-recyclable takeaway cups with the official launch of the Grow Cup of Life at the Fine Food Australia Show last week.

The Grow Cup of Life, developed by Enviro-Grow, is a recyclable, biodegradable, compostable cup that converts into a superfood growing pot plant with the Enviro Grow Kit.

Enviro-Grow Founder, Soula Thuring, said that almost 90 percent of the one billion disposable cups used each year in Australia end up in landfill due to a plastic lining making them non-recyclable and unable to biodegrade.

“The launch of the products offers cafés, restaurants, businesses, schools and community groups the opportunity to reduce the number of disposable cup waste in landfill and grow greener communities,” Ms Thuring said.

Part of the proceeds from the Enviro Grow Kit sales can be used as a fundraising initiative for schools or community groups.

“The Enviro Grow Kit is a great fundraiser for schools and community groups where people of all ages can use their cup to grow a plant, learn about sustainability, and contribute to greener spaces, all while raising much-needed funds,” Ms Thuring said.

“We’re excited to be offering cafés the opportunity to partner with our incentive pilot program with the Grow Cup of Life and Enviro Grow Kit in our movement toward cup-free landfills.”

Enviro-Grow is a newly established green social enterprise committed to creating innovative eco-friendly products and concepts that make a tangible, sustainable difference to the planet and the future.

To get your café, school, or community group involved, please contact Soula Thuring on 0417 775 017 or soula@enviro-grow.com.au

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